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Tuesday - Thursday 4:00pm - 10:00pm | Friday 4:00pm - 11:00pm | Saturday 3:00pm - 11:00pm | Sunday 3:00pm - 8:00pm | Monday - CLOSED
833 Sackville Drive, Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia

Beer Bar


1 – Cushy  |  Dank Pale Ale  |   2 Crows Brewing  4.3% ABV

With Lemon and Terpenes. Terpenes are the aromatic compounds found in both Hops and Cannabis that offer mega citrus flavour and aroma to this beer. A unique offering for sure but fear not, no psychoactive compounds in this one. Super lush, super crisp, super dank.

2 – Bohemian Pilsner  |  Two Islands Brewing  4.8% ABV  32 IBU

Light in body and colour, this Czech style Pilsner tends to be dry and crisp with a slightly lingering bitterness and high carbonation that pours with a pure white head.

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3 – Grace Too  |   Belgian Cream Ale  |  Church Brewing  4.5% ABV

This Belgian Cream Ale was cellar aged for six months. It pours medium gold, with a light haze, and finishes with a slight hint of tartness. The Belgian yeast strain used, produces phenol-forward flavours and aromas reminiscent of clove, allspice and peppercorns. A touch of flaked corn, and Mittelfruh hops, makes this Belgian Cream Ale a pint to celebrate with.

4 – Tiemo Wants More Bananas  |  Hefeweizen  |  Sober Island Brewing  5.0% ABV

Cloudy with the trademark esters of cloves and bananas. A minimal amount of hops from Quebec were used to compliment the classic yeast flavors, adding a slight note of lemon so you don’t feel tempted to put a slice of fruit in it.

5 – Pineapple Paradise  |  NEIPA  |  2 Crows  6.1% ABV

Super juicy, lush, creamy, and tropical. Loaded with diced pineapple + and variety of tropical hops. Moderately bitter, tons of pineapple (obviously) and backed up with notes of overripe mango, papaya, and mandarin orange.

6 – Golden Horizon | TIPA  |  Tanner & Co.  9.2% ABV  70 IBU  (Limit of 1 per customer)

Discover the perfect fusion of strength and elegance with this small batch Triple IPA. This artisanal brew is masterfully crafted using a dynamic trio of hops—Cascade, Centennial, and Citra. Each sip bursts with vibrant citrus notes, floral undertones, and a hint of pine, delivering a complex and refreshing hop profile. The robust malt backbone balances the bitterness, offering a smooth and slightly sweet finish.


7 – It Takes Two To Mango |  Mango Sour  |   Big Spruce Brewing  5.0% ABV

A delightful organic mango sour beer that will transport your taste buds to a tropical paradise. This tantalizing brew combines the zesty tang of sour beer with the luscious sweetness of ripe mangoes, creating a harmonious dance of flavors.

8 – Pink Lemonade  |  Seltzer  |  North Brewing 5.0%

Made with local raspberries, freshly squeezed lemon juice and a whole lotta bubbles. It’s a fruity, fun, summer beverage that you’ll be hyped about.


9 – Sam Adams  |  Marzen  |  Boston Brew Co.  5.0% ABV 30 IBU

A smooth, German-style lager with slightly sweet roasted malts, notes of caramel, toffee, and a distinct noble hop character with subtle piney citrus. It ends with a crisp finish that makes you want another. Quite simply the best beer in the world.

10 – Crimson Crown  |   ESB  |  Lone Oak Brewing  4.6% ABV

Brewed with Willamette from NB. Malty, dried fig, smooth. Herbal spiciness.

11 – Forgive Me Father  |  American Stout  |  Church Brewing  ABV 5.9%  30 IBU

This is a rich yet sessionable American Stout. Notes of chocolate and roasted malt. Cold-steeped local Tan Coffee adds a balance of fruit tones and subtle caramel notes.


12 – Flat Black Jesus  |  American Stout  |  Unfiltered  7.0% ABV

It’s stout and it’s hoppy. Drink it.


13 – Sunshine  |  IPA |  Horton Ridge  6.9% ABV

This hazy, generously citra-hopped IPA is like sunshine in a can.

14 – DOA  |  DIPUnfiltered  7.5% ABV

Citra single-hop

15 –  Cerberus  |  Organic American IPABig Spruce Brewing 7.0% ABV

Abundantly bitter, and aromatic with a lip smacking dry hop for balanced complexity.

16 – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?   |  Organic Double IPA  |  Big Spruce  8.0% ABV

Fortunately for you, there’s not a single thing that can possibly go wrong — not with a double IPA featuring the mighty Nectaron hop! A sister of the New Zealand Waimea hop, Nectaron is legendary for its passionfruit, peach and pineapple aromas.


17 – Tart Cherry  |  Eventide Mead & Cider Co.  6.0% ABV

Made with real cherry juice from Terra Beata Farms in Lunenburg. Dry with a hint of cherry sweetness.

18 – Sbagliato Spritz  |  Annapolis Cider Co.  7.6% ABV

The bitterness of fresh Aronia berries inspired this botanical, cocktail-esque cider. We used Geneva Crab Apple juice as the base of this cider which was fermented on the pressed Aronia berries themselves. We then made Aronia and Elderberry wine and added this back to the Geneva ferment. The result was a rich red berry and earthy concoction with a lovely bitter/tart balance. After aging on blood and navel oranges for another month, a harmonizing citrus element added the finishing touch. Sort of a cider version of an aperol spritz, this one comes at a perfect time for enjoyment in the sun.

19 – Holy Moly Angels   |  Island Folk  |   6.3% ABV

This tasty treat is reminiscent of spiked cran apple ginger ale punch. Upfront orange taste, finishing with cranberries and red fruit, with a sweet and tart lingering ginger finish.

20 – Arctic Kiwi  |  Maritime Express Cider  4.6% ABV

This delicious bubbly cider is made with locally grown arctic kiwis. Bright and tangy with aromas of fresh kiwi and green apple. Notes of apricot and sweet mint.

FLIGHTS  (Four 5 oz. SamPles)

Mix & Match Beers and/or Ciders of your choosing




Tidal Bay  |  Benjamin Bridge  10%

In the glass, a pale straw colour with a white gold hue. The nose offers an utterly pure bouquet of citrus oils, bittersweet floral perfume and fresh-culled mint. On the palate, the wine is crisp and electrifying, with zesty suggestions of lime, tangerine and a seamless chalky finish made of echoing maritime mineral notes.

Nova 7  |  Benjamin Bridge  6.5%

A pale rubescent pink colour with crystalline reflections. On the nose, hints of mango puree and ripe juicy Georgia summer peaches are energized with zesty notes of key lime sorbet. On the palate, the wine refreshes immediately, with a vibrant combination of honeysuckle, lemon cream, and a touch of spring floral blossoms.

Bubbly White  |  Lightfoot & Wolfville  11%

Pale gold in the glass with a light, lively effervescence. On the nose, fragrant, expressive notes of white blossom and honeyed tree fruit, pear and peach, are accented by hints of lemongrass and raw ginger. The fresh fruit flavors carry over to the palate, with lush, ripe melon balanced by refreshing citrus. 

Bubbly Rosé  |  Lightfoot & Wolfville  11%

A fruit-driven sparkling rosé blend designed to showcase a distinctly refreshing blend of aromatic grape varieties. This wine displays the bright Nova Scotia terroir vividly with the region’s signature freshness and fragrant floral aromatics, but our diverse planting of unique grape varieties allows our winemaking team to blend a brilliantly distinctive style of sparkling.


Ruby Piquette  |  Benjamin Bridge  5.5%

A lightly effervescent red—think Lambrusco if you’re familiar with the popular Italian style—this new release is produced using the Piquette method, resulting in an easy-going, low-alcohol style. In the glass, a bright ruby colour with a magenta hue. On the nose, inviting notes of red and black fruit, lavender and a touch of spice. On the palate, a rich core of fruit, tangy acids and echoing suggestions of blackcurrant.


Libra Pale Ale | Upstreet  0.4%

Hop Water Lime  |  Sparkling water with hops and lime |   2 Crows  0%  (SOLD OUT)

Cove Soda  |  Lemon Lime, Orange, and Grape

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