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Tuesday - Thursday 4:00pm - 10:00pm | Friday 2:00pm - 11:00pm | Saturday 3:00pm - 11:00pm | Sunday & Monday - Closed
833 Sackville Drive, Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia

Beer Bar


beer tap list

Light to Dark

1  –  VERY exclusive beer coming soon! Stay Tuned!

– Long Lake Lager  | Serpent Brewing   5.0% ABV 13 IBU

A very refreshing and light beer to be enjoyed year round!

3 – Marigold Blonde  |  Sober Island   5.0% ABV  18 IBU

Light, crisp and refreshing with a touch of honey character.

4 – Altruism Awaits | Big Spruce  5.0% ABV

Altbier, an Oktoberfest fan favourite, this German ale is made in the traditional Dusseldorf style. Crisp, clean, and perfect for cool fall nights.

5 – Boston Lager | Sam Adams  5.0% ABV 30 IBU

Sam Adams original brew. Hallertau Mittelfruh and Tettnang Tettnanger Noble Hops, with pale malt blend and Caramel 60.

6 – Not Your Bock | Lunn’s Mill 7% 34 IBU

This beer has a mild, malty sweetness with a spicy hop profile.

7 – Castaway Irish Red  |  Harbour Brewing  5.3%ABV  22 IBU 

Deep, dark red with tones of dark caramel and cherry.

8 – My Grandfather’s Tartan Scotch Ale  | Smokehouse Nano Brewery  8.0% ABV  23 IBU

This Wee Heavy comes in strong, with smooth and malty after-tones. It’s an instant hit for those looking to warm upon those cold days.

9 – Smokey Chipotle Porter  | Meander River  7.2% ABV

Smokey, chocolatey, fresh dark roast coffee are the intense aromas coming off Meander River’s award winning Smokey Chipotle Porter. This robust palate is smooth and silky, with notes of dark chocolate, bitter roasted coffee, and a warming chipotle heat that builds with each sip.

10 – Classic Maritime Dry Stout | 2 Crows  4.1% ABV 35 IBU

Smooth, creamy, balanced

the strong stuff

Limit 1 per customer

11 – Tripel   |  Nova   9.6% ABV  30 IBU

Brewed at Gahan Nova Center Halifax. Belgian Triples are a classic style, traditionally brewed at Trappist monasteries. Light, balanced, with pale coloured Belgian candi sugar, made from scratch in the Gahan Nova Kitchen.

12 – Isolator | Unfiltered 11.5% ABV   70 IBU

This oak aged Doppelbock was brewed last fall and lagered on oak for the winter. Delightfully woody, malty, and crazy smooth.


13 – Exile on North St.  | Unfiltered  6.5% ABV

Gluten-reduced West Coast IPA

14 – Harlequin  |  Tanner & Co.  6.5%ABV  60 IBU

Using this exciting new hop variety by the same name, Harlequin is a West Coast IPA style hopped solely with this variety, both in the boil and dry hopped. You’ll find notes of passion fruit, pineapple & peach. 

15 – Norseman  | Heritage Brewing  6% ABV  50IBU

This beer is brewed with heavy flameout hops, fermented warmer than usual with a Norwegian yeast strain, then heavily dry hopped to ensure ample fruity flavours and aromas.

16 – Warning Label | Unfiltered. 10% ABV  100 IBU   $10

West Coast DIPA. Hoppy, piney, bitter and boozie AF. LIMIT 1 PER CUSTOMER 


17 – Sweater Weather | Island Folk  6.5% ABV

Fruit forward, festive, made with local apples and cranberries. Lightly tart, subtly sweet with a touch of cinnamon

18 – Black Cherry Rosemary | Annapolis Cider  6.4% ABV

This sparkling cider features a generous dose of freshly pressed local black cherries, blended with cool fermented cider and lightly infused with bright and savory rosemary. Full bodied with a deep crimson colour, this cider showcases prominent black cherry tannins, and delivers luscious upfront notes of ripe berries, and cherry preserves, accented by a subtle earthy and herbaceous finish.

19 – Pumpkin Chai (Spiced Cider)  |  Maritime Express   5.7% ABV

Sweet notes of brown sugar and chai tea with subtle raomas of cardamom and cinnamon.

20 – Field of Dreams | Lake City Cider 8.5%  ABV

This is a blend of house made strawberry wine, black currant wine and our signature apple cider. There is a hint of vanilla added to this as well. This cider finishes semi-sweet with lots of berry flavours on the nose and palate.

FLIGHTS  (Four 5 oz. SamPles)

Custom Beer Flight  $12

Limited to One IPA or One Cider selection

IPA Flight  $13 

Cider Flight  $14



Pinot Grigio  |  Luvo  12.0%.

Tidal Bay  |  Grand Prė  7.5%

NoVa 7  |  Benjamin Bridge  7.0%


Li’l Frigger  |  Jost  12.5%  


Libra (Pilsner, Stout)  | Upstreet  0.4%

Hop Water  |  2 Crows  –  Sparkling water with Tangerine and Citra Hops

Black Cherry Cola , Orange Creamsicle  |   Chill Street

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