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Tuesday & Wednesday 4:00pm - 9:00pm | Thursday 4:00pm - 10:00pm | Friday 2:00pm - 11:00pm | Saturday 3:00pm - 11:00pm | Sunday 12:00pm - 5:00pm | Monday - CLOSED
833 Sackville Drive, Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia

Beer Bar


1 – Street Justice  |  Grapefruit Radler  |  Church Brewing 4.0% ABV

Grapefruit, orange, juicy!

2 – Lager Driver  |  Vienna Lager  |  Lunns Mill 5.5% ABV

A traditional Vienna style lager, Deep amber in colour, mild bitterness with a dry, slightly toasty malt profile and a nice clean lager finish. We use both 2 Row Barley and Vienna Malt Barley from Horton Ridge Malthouse


4 – Weizen Up!  |  Hefeweizen  |  Off Track 4.8%

This deep golden colored German wheat beer brings forward spicy clove, banana and citrus notes.

5 – Hefewezien  |  Two Islands  4.9% ABV  13 IBU

A rich warm golden coloured, easy drinking German style with flavours of spice and banana. Well rounded clean refreshing taste.

6 – Little Dyke  |  Pilsner  |  Truro Brewing Co. 5.0% ABV

A bright and refreshing German-Style Pilsner, pale gold in colour with a dense white head. It’s smooth and refreshing, perfect for sipping lake-side all year round. It’s subtle flavour pairs well with most cuisine or can of course be enjoyed on it’s own to brighten any mood.

7 – Oktoberfest in Hortonville  |  Marzen  |  Horton Ridge  5.1% ABV  20 IBU

Oktoberfest in Hortonville is our tribute to German Lagers, brewed with our Vienna and Munich malts. It’s a rich malt forward beer with notes of toasted brioche bread and a light toffee sweetness that pours a crisp light amber colour. Pairs beautifully with sunny fall afternoons in the beautiful Annapolis Valley.

8 – Autobahn  |  Marzen  |  Smokehouse Nano Brewery 5.9% ABV  19 IBU

Amber to copper hue, bright, with a malty crisp dry finish.

9 – She’s Maibock  |  Big Spruce  6.5% ABV

In the time-honored German tradition, this lager is hopped exclusively with Huell Melon, infusing it with an irresistible aroma reminiscent of sun-ripened strawberries and juicy honeydew melon. As you take that first sip, you’ll be greeted by delightful flavors of toasted bread crust and luscious candied orange, creating a harmonious symphony on your palate. And fear not, the experience doesn’t end there—the journey continues with a long, velvety smooth finish that will leave you yearning for more. Prost to the perfect springtime indulgence!

10 – Festbier  |  Tanner & Co. 5.9% ABV

Brewed with a focus on depth of malt flavour provided by German Vienna, Munich, Melanoidin & Pilsner malts, with a light hopping for balanced bitternes.

11 – Munich Dunkel   |  Annapolis Brew Co.  5.0% ABV  23 IBU

A beautiful dark brown lager with a ruby hue, this dunkel is velvety smooth with a delicious malt character and subtle notes of chocolate. A nice clean finish makes this a great session lager for Oktoberfest!

12 – The Doppler  |  Doppelbock  |  Hill Top Hops  8.3% ABV  25 IBU

Medium amber in colour, rich full maltiness, low bitterness, with notes of dried fruit and spice and a hint of black licorice.


13 – Sunshine  |  Horton Ridge  6.9% ABV

Celebrating Daniel James McFadyen’s new single Sunshine!

14 – Southern Cross  |  Sea Level Brewing  6.5% ABV


15 – Perfect Revelation  |  2 Crows  6.1%ABV  44 IBU

Expect huge aromas of mandarin orange, pineapple, melon and a bit of resinous pine.

16 – Inducement  |  DIPA  | Unfiltered   7.5% ABV

Tropically delicious!


17 – Brut  |  Milford Station  6.7% ABV

Fermented with a Champagne yeast this dry cider is bubbly, light bodied and crisp with an earthy nose and apple skin finish.

18 – Equinox Snakebite  |  Maritime Express  4.4% ABV

In collab with Church Brewing. Our Arctic Kiwi and Flying Bluenose ciders were blended with a sour honey malted oat ferment. Equal parts tangy and smooth; salty and sweet!

19 – Roundhouse Rhubarb Maritime Express  4.5% ABV

Tart and crisp. Crystal clear and lightly carbonated, with hints of rhubarb on the palate.

The Kentville Roundhouse was an architecturally beautiful and unique building used to store and repair locomotives. It had 10 stalls and a 70-ft. turntable. It was tragically torn down in 2007 despite attempts to save it by heritage groups and railway buffs across Canada.

20 – Strawberry Redhead  |  Lake City Cider  8.5% ABV

A cheery and complex blend of Annapolis Valley, our own base cider, and fermented strawberry wine, our off-dry strawberry redhead fruit cider is a vermilion-hued stroll through speckled fields of jam and apple flavour.

FLIGHTS  (Four 5 oz. SamPles)

Mix & Match Beers and/or Ciders of your choosing




Pinot Grigio  |  Luvo  12.0%

A blend of Nova Scotia L’Acadie Blanc with a touch of Pinot Grigio. The hint of sweetness in this off-dry and expressive wine blends flavours of apple and peach to create a wine with purity and harmony.

Tidal Bay  |  Lightfoot & Wolfville  10%

A pale, yet luminous gold in the glass. On the nose, green apple, white blossom and honeyed citrus notes. The lively green fruit carries over to the palate with mouthwatering, textured acidity, salinity and a hint of sweetness, providing a balanced, perceptually dry finish.

Nova 7  |  Benjamin Bridge  6.5%

A pale rubescent pink colour with crystalline reflections. On the nose, hints of mango puree and ripe juicy Georgia summer peaches are energized with zesty notes of key lime sorbet. On the palate, the wine refreshes immediately, with a vibrant combination of honeysuckle, lemon cream, and a touch of spring floral blossoms.


Li’l Frigger  |  Jost  12.5%

Dark Red Wine Blend aged with Canadian oak and maple chips, which give aromatics of caramel, mocha, toast, and maple.


Libra (Pilsner & Pale Ale )  | Upstreet  0.4%

Hop Water Lime  |  Sparkling water with hops and lime |   2 Crows  0%

Cove Soda  |  Lemon Lime, Orange, and Grape

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