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Tuesday - Thursday 4:00pm - 10:00pm | Friday 4:00pm - 11:00pm | Saturday 3:00pm - 11:00pm | Sunday 3:00pm - 8:00pm | Monday - CLOSED
833 Sackville Drive, Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia

Beer Bar


1 – South Shore  |  Lone Oak Brewing  |  5.5% ABV

An approachable sour beer loaded with fruit flavor. A mixed fermentation with a blend of lactobacillius and brewer’s yeast. Notes of peaches, stone fruit, pineapple and mango.

2 – Strawberry Kiwi  |  Tire Shack Brewing  5.0% ABV 

Bursting with incredible juciness and balanced with a smooth sourness.

light to dark

3 – Kia Ora  |  New Zealand Pilsner  |  Lone Oak Brewing   5.1% ABV

A dry, crisp lager that uses bright, aromatic hops form New Zealand. This beer is a vibrant, gold colour that has a delicious, fruity aroma of gooseberry and white wine.

4 -Sunnyside Blonde  |  Blonde Ale  |  Off Track Brewing  5.0% ABV  19 IBU

This blonde ale is very easy drinking and approachable. This is a crisp, simplistic and smooth tasting ale that can be enjoyed by all.

5 – Impertor Mundi  |  Imperial Pilsner  |  Unfiltered  7.5% ABV

Huge Pilsener. Hoppy as fuck

6 – Hang your Hat  | American Style Bret  |  Lone Oak Brewing  5.3% ABV

Collab with Indie Ale House in Toronto. Aged on oranges, mild funk with a big tropical nose.

7 – Wheat King  |  Pineapple Wheat  |  Heritage Brewing 5.5% ABV  28 IBU

Generous additions of Canadian wheat with an added tropical punch using Mosaic hops. To finish it off, adding plenty of pineapple for ample flavour and juicy sweetness.

8 – Comin Soon from NL

9 – Coming Soon from NL

10 – Coming Soon from NL

11 – Forgive Me Father   |  Coffee Stout  |    5.9% ABV  30 IBU

Easy drinking coffee stout with a balanced coffee flavour, warm roasted notes and a light easy drinking body. Pours with a smooth creamy head.


12 – Exile on North Street  |  Nitro West Coast IPA  |  Unfiltered 6.5% ABV

Gluten-reduced. Soft. Cream Delicious. Drink it!

13 – Perfectly Unclear  |  NEIPA  |  Half Cocked Brewing Co.  6.2% ABV  10 IBU

A creamy NEIPA bursting with citrus (tangerine, orange) and no bitterness.

14 – Gateway  |  DIPLone Oak Brewing  8.0% ABV

A well balanced West Coast IPA brewed with classic American hops to deliver an intense character of passion fruit, pine resin and grapefruit.

15 –  Coming soon from NL

16 – Killed By Death  |  TIPA  |  Tire Shack Brewing  10% ABV (Limit 1 per customer)

Insanely smooth and balanced, Loaded with Mosaic, Citra and Vic Secret hops, if you like  haze bomb IPAs on steroids, this is a must try!


17 – Full Boar  |  Wild    8.5% ABV

A full-strength, rugged cider partly aged in Bourbon barrels. Elevated alcohol and spice notes make this cider stand out from the crowd.

18 – Pride Rosé  |  Lake City Cider  6.0% ABV

A semi-dry rosé cider that balances Nova Scotia apples with a bounty of tart berries. Let’s raise a glass, cheers to you!

19 – Guava Grapefruit   |  Maritime Express Cider  |   6.4% ABV

A delicious blend of apples, pink guava, and grapefruit! Notes of fresh citrus and tangy tropical fruit.

20 – Living The Dream – Raspberry Mojito  |  Island Folk Cider  6.4% ABV

This thirst quenching cocktail combines our house made raspberry wine and signature apple blend with key lime juice and fresh mint. Fruit forward, lightly tart, and subtly sweet, you will love this summery blast of refreshing goodness.

FLIGHTS  (Four 5 oz. SamPles)

Mix & Match Beers and/or Ciders of your choosing




Tidal Bay  |  Luckett  Vineyards 11%

L’Acadie, Chardonnay, Seyval, and Ortega grapes with fresh citrus notes and subtle hints of pears and wildflower. Dryish, clean & crisp with great mid-palate texture. Hints of key lime, red apple, and fresh pear.

Nova 7  |  Benjamin Bridge  6.5%

A pale rubescent pink colour with crystalline reflections. On the nose, hints of mango puree and ripe juicy Georgia summer peaches are energized with zesty notes of key lime sorbet. On the palate, the wine refreshes immediately, with a vibrant combination of honeysuckle, lemon cream, and a touch of spring floral blossoms.


Ruby Piquette  |  Benjamin Bridge  5.5%

A lightly effervescent red—think Lambrusco if you’re familiar with the popular Italian style—this new release is produced using the Piquette method, resulting in an easy-going, low-alcohol style. In the glass, a bright ruby colour with a magenta hue. On the nose, inviting notes of red and black fruit, lavender and a touch of spice. On the palate, a rich core of fruit, tangy acids and echoing suggestions of blackcurrant.


Libra Pale Ale | Upstreet  0.4%

Cove Soda  |  Lemon Lime, Orange, Grape, and Rocket Pop

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