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Tuesday - Thursday 4:00pm - 9:00pm | Friday 4:00pm - 10:00pm | Saturday 3:00pm - 10:00pm | Sunday 2:00pm - 7:00pm | Monday - CLOSED
833 Sackville Drive, Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia

Beer Bar

something Traditional

1 – Light Lager  |  New Scotland Brewing   4.2% ABV 

An easy going oat lager with a crisp malty flavour. A perfect sipper with a lighter percentage and lower calories – A drink for those looking for a classic breezy brew. Made using Canada’s first and only patented hop variety – Sasquatch!

2 – Dorai Senso |  Japanese Rice Lager |  Mystic Sea Brewing  ABV 5.5%

Japanese beer drinkers in the 1980’s seemed to admire two central qualities in beer, Koku, a full rich taste, and Kire, a crisp refreshing sharpness. The idea at that time was that even a very well made beer would have one, but not both of these qualities. Enter the Dry Wars, where Japanese breweries battled it out in an attempt to make that exceptionally well rounded beer. The outcome, a legendary style that is now brewed all over the world.

3 – Great Uncle Giggles  |  Pale Ale  |  Good Robot  5.1% ABV

This pale ale is citrussy, crisp and smooth. It used to be made with hop oils but the brew team got a shiny new Hop Egg recently, allowing them to introduce hops into our beer in a way that results in a cleaner, fresher taste that lasts longer on the shelf.

4 – Only  |  Hazy Pale Ale  |  Tusket Falls  5.2% ABV

A juicy blend of Nectaron and Mosaic hops bring a subtle haze with a pop of depth in the glass.  Punchy citrus aromas pull you in and elevate your expectations for the first sip!  Deep hop tones play on top of a firm, yet soft malt structure.  Pink grapefruit, orange peel with lingering pineapple and apricot sing throughout the dry, bitter finish.

5 – Sam Adams Lager  |  Boston Beer Company  5.4% ABV  30 IBU

North American cascade hops offer a soft spicy character, balanced by the addition of German Mandarina Bavaria hops to provide the slightest hint of mandarin orange peel. This is a prime example of a malt forward beer (think of toasty toffee notes) beautifully balanced by the subtle spicy citrus of hops.

6 – Storm Surge  |  Maritime Ale  |  Saltbox Brewing  5.4% ABV

An inviting bouquet of caramel, fruit, and nutty toffeewith lingering malty notes and that classic reddish hue.

something different

7 – Old Barn  | Hybrid Saison  |  Half Cocked  6% ABV  30 IBU

Pale, hazy gold in color. Lightly acidic with subtle citrus notes (lemon/orange) on the nose as well as up front on the palette. Followed by light herbal and peppery notes with a pleasantly dry, lightly bitter finish. Slightly grainy, very refreshing. Gluten Reduced

8 – Gus  |  Belgian Blonde  |  North Brewing   4.8%ABV  22 IBU

A classic example of the interplay of Belgian yeast and wheat malt. Citrusy and refreshing with a hint of spice on the finish.  

9 – Munich Dunkel  |  Brown Lager  |  Annapolis Brewing Company  5.7% ABV   23 IBU

Gold medal winner at the Canadian Beer Cup. A beautiful dark brown lager with a ruby hue, this dunkel is velvety smooth with a delicious malt character and subtle notes of chocolate. A nice clean finish makes this a great session lager for Oktoberfest.

something darker

10 – Exit 14  |   Porter   |  Truro Brewing Co.  5.4% ABV

Deliciously dark & comforting, with notes of chocolate

11 – Gale Force  |  Stout  |  Heritage Brewing   6.0% ABV  25 IBU

This beer has ample additions of roasted barley and chocolate malt which contribute to a slightly sweet character and roasty aroma. This beer has a small addition of lactose for added sweetness and mouthfeel but drinkers will not find this to be a heavy stout, drinkability is high with this beer which sets it apart from thicker and more filling stouts.


12 – Here It Comes |  DIP |  Unfiltered  7.5% ABV  100 IBU

Chinook DIPA


13 –  Wave Breaker  |  West Coast IPA  |  Sober Island Brewing  6.3% ABV

Using Simcoe hops for big, strong, untamed flavour.

14 – Home & Home  |  Hazy IPA w. wine grapes  |  2 Crows Brewing & Banished Brewing 7.3% ABV

25% piquette, 75% beer 110% DELICIOUS! Massive hop aromatics, super juicy and tropical, but also super grapey and loaded with red fruit notes of blackcurrant and blackberry

15 – Crash Course IPA  |  Off Track Brewing  6.5% ABV. 57 IBU

Citrus with pine notes, Crash Course is often referred to as more of a traditional west-coast Craft IPA.  At 57 IBU, this IPA really accentuates the hop flavours and aromas.  With a rich body and deep copper tones, Crash Course is a delicious IPA that goes with anything and everything!

16 –  It’s a Double IPA  |  Lunn’s Mill   8.3% ABV

Juicy, smooth, and aromatic. Tangerine aroma with a dank but clean finish. Gratuitous use of Cascade, Citra and Mosaic hops for flavour with Bravo hops used for bittering and those tropical fruit aromas.


17 – The Pines  |  Maritime Express   6.2% ABV

Aromas of a snowy pine forest and fresh citrus peel. Zesty and bright with complex floral notes of juniper, grapefruit and ginger. Sweetened with a touch of maple syrup.

18 – Melon Margarita  |  Annapolis Cider Co.  5.2% ABV

This cider is fermented in two parts: a watermelon coferment (think cider fermenting with literal truckloads of fresh watermelons) that included cucumber as well, and a hopped lime ferment to add the ‘limeyness’ necessary in a margarita. The cucumber added a bit of vegetal smokiness and voila, mix the two together with some fresh honeycrisp and watermelon juice and the result is a refreshing, sweet-tart balanced cider.

19 – Spice Up Your Life  Lake City Cider  6.8% ABV

A comforting blend of cinnamon, ginger, clove, Nutmeg and dried orange peel. The limited edition off-dry cider will soothe your soul and pique your nostalgia. You might not be able to hold a glass of winter in your hands, but this is the next best thing.

20 – Field Of Dreams |  Lake City  8.5% ABV

Nova Scotia strawberries fermented and steeped with whole vanilla bean balanced by a blend of Annapolis valley apples. A splash of black currant wine gives this beauty colour and body. Strawberry jam on the nose followed by round notes of vanilla and apple blossom that linger on the palate.

FLIGHTS  (Four 5 oz. SamPles)

Mix & Match Beers and/or Ciders of your choosing




Pinot Grigio  |  Luvo  12.0%

A blend of Nova Scotia L’Acadie Blanc with a touch of Pinot Grigio. The hint of sweetness in this off-dry and expressive wine blends flavours of apple and peach to create a wine with purity and harmony.

Tidal Bay  |  Gaspereau Vineyards 11%

Distinctive notes of lime and apple with underlying floral aromatics and minerality are expressed on the nose of Gaspereau Vineyards’ 2022 Tidal Bay. It is aromatically-driven and expressive. The palate is refreshing, balancing the brightness of the acidity and with a hint of sweetness.

Nova 7  |  Benjamin Bridge  6.5%

A pale rubescent pink colour with crystalline reflections. On the nose, hints of mango puree and ripe juicy Georgia summer peaches are energized with zesty notes of key lime sorbet. On the palate, the wine refreshes immediately, with a vibrant combination of honeysuckle, lemon cream, and a touch of spring floral blossoms.


Li’l Frigger  |  Jost  12.5%

Dark Red Wine Blend aged with Canadian oak and maple chips, which give aromatics of caramel, mocha, toast, and maple.


Libra Pale Ale | Upstreet  0.4%

Hop Water Lime  |  Sparkling water with hops and lime |   2 Crows  0%  

Cove Soda  |  Lemon Lime, Orange, and Grape

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