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Tuesday - Thursday 4:00pm - 10:00pm | Friday 2:00pm - 11:00pm | Saturday 3:00pm - 11:00pm | Sunday & Monday - Closed
833 Sackville Drive, Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia

Beer Bar


beer tap list


1 – Helles  |  Tanner & Co 5.2% 18 IBU

A mildly hopped lager brewed in classic German style. Light clean bread and biscuit flavor balanced by a touch of bitterness.

2 – Weizenup | Offtrack 4.8% 22 IBU

Deep, golden coloured wheat beer, rich in spicy clove, banana, and citrus notes.

3 – Lord Tunder Jaysus | Church Brewing Co. & Dildo Brewing Co. 5.5% 18 IBU

This brew is a Dortmunder style brew; a traditional German Export Lager brew.

4 – Bauernhofschuppen | Delta Force 6.0% 27 IBU

Brewed at the end of winter, aged in the ancient farmshed caves, Marzen is built for a stein. This bready lager has a clean finsih that pairs well with blutwurst, bockwurst, bratwurst or knockwurst (really of the wursts). Prost!

5 – Marzen | Smokehouse 5.8% 23 IBU

A complex malty German Amber Lager with a clean, rich, toasty and bready malt flavour.

6 – Altbier | Uncle Leo’s 5.2% 37 IBU

This beer has an assertive hop bitterness from the German noble hop bitterness from the German noble hop varieties used that is well balanced by its robust, yet clean, crisp malt character. 2022 Silver Medal Canadian Brewing Awards.

7 – Altruism Awaits | Big Spruce 5% 20 IBU

A German ale made in the traditional Düsseldorf style! Crisp and refreshing, but full of flavour. This beer is perfect for enjoying on sunny fall days!

8 – Festbier | Tanner & Co. 5.9% 22 IBU

The modern day Oktoberfest beer! This lager is brewed with a focus on depth of malt flavour provided by German Vienna, Munich, Melanoidin & pilsner malts, with a light hopping for balanced bitterness.

9 – Labor of Love | Horton Ridge 5% 20 IBU

Schwarzbier, a German dark lager brewed with our Munich malt and dark chocolate malt to provide an exceptionally smooth, crisp beer that starts with malty notes and finishes with chocolate and a touch of coffee.

10 – Eagle Island Bock | 2 Islands 6.5% 24 IBU

Bockbier is a strong lager beer of German origin, a malty, lightly hopped ale first brewed in the 14th century. The rich colour and higher alcohol level make this the perfect warming beer. Brewed with German noble hops.

11 – Not Your Bock | Lunn’s Mill 7% 34 IBU

This beer has a mild, malty sweetness with a spicy hop profile.

12 – Isolator | Unfiltered 11.5% 70 IBU

This oak aged Doppelbock was brewed last fall and lagered on oak for the winter. Delightfully woody, malty, and crazy smooth.


13 – Cobequid Bay |  Truro Brewing Co.  6.3% ABV  75 IBU

West Coast style IPA. Brewed with pale and honey malts and generously hopped, both in the kettle and dry hopped with simcoe and citra hops. Strong malt backbone with a smooth hop bitterness.

14 – Neon Friday  |  Upstreet 7.0%ABV   35IBU

Small batch brewed in Dartmouth, this NEIPA is super juicy with aromas of mango and citrus

15 – Exile on North St  |  Unfiltered  6.5% ABV  75 IBU

Gluten reduced West Coast IPA

16 -DOA | Unfiltered. 7.5% ABV. 100 IBU

Flagship signal-hop DIPA brewed with all-Citra hops. No oranges were harmed in the making of this product!


17 – Terra Beata | Saltbox  4.8% ABV

Fresh apples from Stirling Farms, combined with ripe cranberries from Terra Beata and a kiss of orange zest to create this familiar Fall flavour.

18 – Blackcherry and Rosemary | Annapolis Cider  6.4% ABV

This sparkling cider features a generous dose of freshly pressed local black cherries, blended with cool fermented cider and lightly infused with bright and savory rosemary. Full bodied with a deep crimson color, this cider showcases prominent black cherry tannins, and delivers luscious upfront notes of ripe berries and cherry preserves, accented by a subtle earthy and herbaceous finish.

19 – Train Hopper  |  Maritime Express   6%

Fresh citrus and herbal aromas. Hints of grapefruit, floral and lemon notes mingle on the palate with a strong tart finish. 

20 – Berry Bliss | Lake City Cider 8.0%

A blend of apples, strawberries and raspberries all sourced locally from Nova Scotia. Finishes semi-dry with lots of red fruit on the nose and pallet. A touch of vanilla at the end balances out this delicious fruity cider.


FLIGHTS  (Four 5 oz. SamPles)

Custom Beer Flight  $12

Limited to One IPA or One Cider selection

IPA Flight  $13 

Cider Flight  $14


Pinot Grigio  |  Luvo  12.0%.

Tidal Bay  |  Grand Prė  7.5%

NoVa 7  |  Benjamin Bridge  7.0%

Li’l Frigger  |  Jost  12.5%


Libra Pale Ale  | Upstreet  0.4%

Hop Water  |  2 Crows  –  Sparkling water with Citra hops, cucumber and mint

Root Beer , Black Cherry Cola , Orange Creamsicle  |   Chill Street

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